Highways and Infrastructure


Overcoming obstacles relating to traffic and transport issues can be complex when trying to secure planning permission for a project.

Whether the project is to develop a small domestic plot of land or a large scale redevelopment, our engineers take away the pressures by working with you from the
feasibility stage to create practical step by step solutions. We negotiate with developers and local planning authorities and speak on your behalf at public consultations to ensure we achieve the desired outcome for you.
With our knowledge of the planning application process, you can feel assured that you are in a safe pair of hands.

The services we offer include:
• Design and master planning including site access
• Assessing the environmental impact
• Handling planning and highway agreements
• Representation at planning appeals and public consultations
• Carrying out assessments of the impact of traffic and the availability of public transport
• Reviewing access for pedestrians and cyclists
• Analysis and design of highways and junctions
• Audits of road safety and accidents
• Reviewing parking and servicing arrangements