Environmental & Geotechnical


Millward Environmental and Geotechnical provide a practical and commercial response to a wide range of environmentally sensitive issues. We act for land owners, property developers, construction companies and financial institutions in order to address key issues to satisfy current environmental regulatory requirements.

We have the expertise to assess complex environmental issues that are associated with most construction engineering projects.

Environmental and geotechnical issues are also considered in the wider context of site redevelopment for maximising return on investment to ensure our clients receive proactive, honest advice.

Our Geotechnical team are able to assess the physical soil properties, making sure that your highways, infrastructure and buildings are constructed on land that can safely support them, from slope stability to pile design.

Our Environmental team will assess the contaminative risk of the site, and provide solutions that will ensure that your development is fit for purpose. Our highly experienced contaminated land specialists are trained in the latest modelling technology for the assessment of human health toxicity and controlled water risk and have a complete understanding of environmental fate and transport.

Due to the flexibility of the Millward team, we are able to tailor our service so that we can effectively handle both large complex projects, such as former gas works, collieries and landfill sites, as well as smaller projects where budgets may be tighter.

The services we offer include:
• Acquisition and investment management services
• Land portfolio management services
• Environmental auditing
• Environmental liability assessment and management
• Environmental impact assessments
• Soil and groundwater contamination investigation and risk assessment
• Geotechnical investigation and assessment
• Earthworks design and supervision
• Remediation design and supervision
• Regulatory authority negotiation