We’re probably a bit biased but we think as far as engineering consultancies go, ours is a fantastic working environment.

We proactively encourage every single member of staff to fulfill their potential, whether they are technical or administrative. Academic courses and professional development are important tools to help further the skill base so we ensure we offer continual support while our team progresses and strives to be the best it can be, which ultimately means a better experience for our clients.

We take care of our staff because they are integral to our success and they in return take care of us.

Every Friday, we have the ‘Friday Lunch Club’ as a reminder to our staff that they are always appreciated. Once a week, we provide lunch for everyone to repay our team for all their hard work, which has inevitably become extremely popular.

As we originally started as a family business, we like to think of our team as a family too. That is why we hold a family day as an annual event at Millward. We have had trips to Centre Parcs, the Pantomime and family activity days.